“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and, most importantly, execute it.”

ZAS's Group

Avernus is the marketing arm of ZAS’s Group that leveraging the in-depth market knowledge and the strong retail and distribution arm. ZAS group is a family-owned company with a hands-on approach to management. The Group consists of 13 Business units that are partnering with global international brands. Although the company has diverse business clients, They recognize that different industries have different needs. So each business unit brings their specialized industry expertise to the table.

ZAS’s Group has always leaned towards building brands by implementing international sales strategies locally, as well as being able to identify the growth of market share and revenues as critical indicators of success with a proactive approach to business challenges. ZAS Group offers our partners business solutions that match their aims. The process is tailored according to the qualities and styles of service that each industry requires. Zas group aims to build brand equity by investing to achieve growth and focus their performance on maintaining leading market positions.

ZAS as Group’s strategy has always been to forge progressive, profitable, and healthy partnerships with principals who are leaders in their sectors. The Senior Management Team brings many years of entrepreneurial experience in adding value to these relationships. The company operates in a shared infrastructure-Warehousing distribution, logistics, human resources, administration, finance, and It, which creates synergies underpinning an ambitious program for growth.


About us

Avernus Pharmaceuticals Marketing solution company.

Avernus is a regional specialty company established to fill the gap and partner with global pharma and biotech companies to commercialize FDA or EMA approved innovative pharmaceutics, biologics, and other healthcare solutions into the Middle East. As such, Avernus serves as a one-stop-solution for our partners providing multi-country access across a wide region with growing economies.


To be the leading regional provider of global brands in the pharmaceutical sector innovative marketing approach

  • To attract the best principals and companies from all parts of the world.
  • To be a trusted Healthcare partner for all Government and Private Hospitals and Clinics in U.A.E. and the Gulf Region.


To continually improve the health and the quality of people lives by providing innovative medications that aim to fulfill unmet medical needs

  • We are committed to the provision of the highest quality of Health and Medical Services for our customers in the Gulf Region, and we are also committed to provide the best quality of support and services to our principal companies. Our great concern and support are given to our staff, who represent the cornerstones in making things happen in our organization.
  • Responsibility, empowerment, awareness, self-discipline, and self-confidence are key elements in our management style.
  • The working environment emphasizes teamwork, pride, flexibility, respect, innovation, creativity, effort, and productivity.
  • This, together with training, will contribute to the developments and success.
  • We at Avernus want our staff, principals, and customers to feel the sense of involvement in the development of the Healthcare sector in the U.A.E. and the region, so we believe in making things happen and partnership, which leads to a win-win situation.

our values

Passion, integrity, Commitment to Excellence, and Respect for Human lives are our core values


We believe we can make a difference only by thinking beyond the obvious. Prior to every action we take, we always consider new paths to bring true value to the healthcare community, to patients and their families.

Commitment to Excellence

 We always aim high and demand the best from ourselves and our partners. Success does not make us complacent. For everything we do, we always question whether there is a better way to do it and if there is, we follow it.


Our commitment to business ethics, fairness, honesty, and transparency is equally important to us, as much as achieving business success. At the end of each day, we want to be proud not only of the goals that we have achieved but also for the way that we have achieved them.

Respect for human life

We are guided by our commitment to serving human lives, providing the medical community and patients with the utmost advanced therapies. Moreover, to provide our employees with the recognition, job security, and career prospects that each one deserves. 

Strategic pillars for sustainable growth

The dynamics of our industry requires us to be relentlessly alert and able to take full advantage of the ongoing opportunities generated by the evolving biopharmaceutical science. Therefore, we systematically monitor scientific progress by seeking new products, partnerships, and markets.
Furthermore, in today’s business environment, achieving high performance and competitiveness requires a strong commitment to quality and excellence.
Guided by these principles, we carefully plan our steps on a course of continuous, dynamic, and sustainable growth.

Our strategy is based on three pillars:

  • We invest in long-term relationships with our international business partners, with the aim to be their partner of choice for their new products & lines in the Gulf & Middle East.
  • We aim to attract the interest of potential new partners to expand our product portfolio steadily. To achieve this, we follow internal information procedures applying the most advanced information systems and we have set up a dynamic Business Development departmentin order to have accurate and timely information regarding the latest developments in the field: new research projects, new treatments/products, new business ventures.

We keep high-quality standards throughout the range of our activities aiming at business excellence, in order to effectively address the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders (patients, the medical community, employees, customers).

To achieve excellence, we focus on:

  • Maintaining a high level of service and satisfaction of the medical community and supply chain
  • Applying high-quality standards in the handling and management of our pharmaceutical products
  • Retaining and developing our high-level executive staff and assuring their continuous training and education
  • Fully complying with regulations, legislation, and ethics
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and effective knowledge management

Within Avernus, responsibility is at the core of our company culture, business strategy, and daily operations. Professionalism, transparency, and accountability have always been the qualities that define our relationships with our employees, our partners, the medical community, and patients, with society in general. We are committed to substantially contributing beyond our legal and regulatory obligations to all our stakeholders, to all those who are directly or indirectly affected by our activities. It’s a commitment we consciously made and serve with consistency. 

Compliance Management System – Helpline

Our Compliance Management System describes in detail how the company fulfills the compliance obligations derived from the legislative framework, the applicable Codes of Practice, the Vendors Contracts, and applicable SOPs / Policies. Except for the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Management System consists of Policies and Procedures and a series of Working Documents, as presented below:

  • Preparation and Approval of Promotional / Scientific Material
  • Participation – Organization of Scientific Events / Meetings
  • Urgent Recall of Promotional / Scientific Material
  • Documents Management
  • Compliance Internal Audits
  • Requirements in Promotional / Scientific Material
  • Promotional Policy
  • Obligations for Product Specialists

These guidelines express the company’s commitment to ethical business practices and compliance with the laws, regulations, and applicable Codes of Practice. It summarizes all the basic rules and obligations that are incorporated into the company’s everyday business and that all staff needs to comply with.

Business Development

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and, most importantly, execute it.”
Pharma companies have chosen to cooperate with Avernus Pharma , acknowledging the team long-term expertise in pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and distribution in the countries in which they worked with, which resulted in powerful growth process, and commitment to excellence, quality, and responsibility.

At a company level, the Business Development function works closely with the senior leadership team to ensure that Avernus is ahead of the constantly evolving market dynamics, and focusing in exploring, identifying, and assessing possible future collaborations as well as to capture new opportunities.
The unit proactively engages with existing partners to maximize potential by adding value in areas such as portfolio & pipeline Management, and for the new and potential clients, our business development function can be your gateway to the UAE market and beyond. We aim to provide critical market research, insights providing a full business plan and innovative launch meeting to ensure your 

business receives the attention it needs to reach its full potential. One of the key components of our growth strategy is forming ongoing partnerships. Our Business Development function is continuously seeking new opportunities in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer healthcare space.

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