Building on a
Legacy of Excellence
When the right partnership matters
Avernus brands have flourished Thanks to the state of art innovative marketing approach that has been delicately rendered. Verified customer insight and ROI for all our marketing investments


To be the leading regional provider of global brands in the pharmaceutical sector with innovative marketing approach


To continually improve the health and the quality of people lives by providing innovative medications that aim to fulfill unmet medical needs


are a critical part of who we are as a company today and who we will be tomorrow.

About us

Avernus Pharmaceuticals Marketing solution company.

Avernus is a regional specialty company established to fill the gap and partner with global pharma and biotech companies to commercialize FDA or EMA approved innovative pharmaceutics, biologics, and other healthcare solutions into the Middle East. As such, Avernus serves as a one-stop-solution for our partners providing multi-country access across a wide region with growing economies.

Avernus is the marketing arm of ZAS’s Group that leveraging the in-depth market knowledge and the strong retail and distribution arm. ZAS group is a family-owned company with a hands-on approach to management. The Group consists of 13 Business units that are partnering with global international brands. Although the company has diverse business clients, They recognize that different industries have different needs. So each business unit brings their specialized industry expertise to the table

A legacy of Excellence

Strategic pillars for sustainable growth

The dynamics of our industry requires us to be relentlessly alert and able to take full advantage of the ongoing opportunities generated by the evolving biopharmaceutical science.

Therefore, we systematically monitor scientific progress by seeking new products, partnerships, and markets. Furthermore, in today’s business environment, achieving high performance and competitiveness requires a strong commitment to quality and excellence. Guided by these principles, we carefully plan our steps on a course of continuous, dynamic, and sustainable growth.

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HR Policies

At Avernus, since the first day our company was founded, we believe that our performance and growth prospects are linked to the dynamics of our people. This is why we wish to retain, inspire, and develop our most capable employees and, at the same time, attract new talent. 

Our HR values, practices, and programs are intended to respond to our employee’s needs and expectations and provide a working environment where everyone can feel secure and creative.

Ultimately, we want our company to be a role model for our people so that they can find motivation, meaning, and moral satisfaction in their work every day.


Training and Development

The educational programs focus on professional empowerment as well as the personal development of our people:
Professional development and empowerment: our goal is to identify the skills and knowledge our people need to have, the points for improvement, and to develop and empower them in order to become more effective in their role.
​Personal development: we recognize that an employee’s professional progress is inextricably linked to their personal development. To this end, we make sure to design and implement training programs aiming to meet wider educational needs that are not only directly and closely related to their business objective scope. Training includes both internal and external courses from certified third party providers.  

Our Partner

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